Fishing the Fresno County California 


The California Department of Water Resources and the State Water Project constructed and maintain the state's 444-mile aqueduct system. The aqueducts offer a one-of-a-kind fishing experience for the avid angler, with three points of access in Fresno County allowing you to try your hand at catching striped bass, carp, channel catfish, and black, yellow or brown catfish.


Fresno can serve as the hub for any aqueduct fishing excursion. You can seek camping and lodging facilities in nearby Fresno city. The aqueduct access points in Fresno County have toilets but nowhere to camp. The Huron aqueduct fishing access area is located southwest of Fresno approximately 47 miles. You can find the Fairfax access point west of Fresno. It sits about 42 miles from the city. The Three Rocks fishing access is approximately 50 miles south of Fresno.

Fishing Considerations 

The Fresno County landscape around the aqueducts is quite barren; you will not find a shade tree in the area. You should also watch out for poisonous snakes which often frequent the region. Consider bringing a blanket or a lawn chair to sit on as you while away the hours waiting for a bite. The fish usually begin to bite in the early evening and continue biting into the night. They appear to respond well to anchovies for bait.


You should always take great care when fishing along the concrete sides of the aqueduct. One wrong step, and you can slide into the water. You should consider wearing a life preserver when fishing along the banks of the system in case you misstep and fall. The aqueduct's water usually has a calm appearance, but below the water's surface flows a fast and turbulent current. Some areas of the aqueduct system has a depth of up to 30 feet. The aqueduct is equipped with ladders and swimming lines that you can grab onto if you fall into the water.


When fishing the aqueduct, you must have a valid fishing license and you should always keep it handy to show authorities. All California Department of Fish and Game angling rules apply to the aqueducts. The California Department of Parks and Recreation states that you are allowed to catch 10 striped bass that measure at least 15 inches in length, five carp and five catfish each day from the aqueduct. You can obtain a copy of the state's fishing regulations anywhere that state fishing licenses are sold.